Grey & White Preemie Octopus


Preemie babies always have a hard time right at first. In Mama’s stomach, they always hold on to Mama’s umbilical cord. Once born, the baby holds on to Mommy’s finger. But a preemie baby has nothing but their tubes to hold on to! Sometimes this causes a disaster for the nurses, who are always carefully watching these little angels closely. However, a crocheted octopus is generally known as a lifesaver for these little children. The eight, soft, curly tentacles are always there for the baby to grab onto preventing them from pulling on their cords! These little friends will always be there to provide comfort!


Made with Love by:

                                         Catherine Diane

Catherine (who somehow escaped having a nickname) enjoys consuming outrageous quantities of caffeine, baking ridiculously fattening foods, going for morning walks, and reading Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell.

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