Day One, Introduction

Our job and duty as mothers and wives can be a lot for us to deal with. Everyone is relying on us, especially the little children. We are the stability of the home. Even when everything is falling apart around us (and there will be times when this happens) the family looks to us for stability, again, especially the little children. We are their foundation and rock.

If we crash then the family is hugely affected. It’s important to keep up your relationship with your husband during this time as you will need his strength to get back on track. It isn’t essential but you will recuperate faster if you have him by your side. During stressful times you are each other’s rock.

When times are tough on us we need to especially take good care of ourselves. I’m not referring to getting your nails done either. This is ‘fluff’ in my eyes. It may help superficially but it isn’t going to solve the problem as you need to address the source of the drain.

My Own Experiences Feeling Drained/Depressed/Unmotivated

I am easily susceptible to feeling emotionally swamped, particularly after having a baby, although during pregnancy can be a tough time for me as well.

I usually don’t want to do anything. I get further behind with my daily lists, get further discouraged, and then, of course, want to do even less. It’s a sad spiral that will seemingly never fix or improve.

I feel unwanted and unworthy of my family. Why would my husband want someone that is so difficult to be around? When I’m always grumpy and yelling at the children why would they want anything to do with me either. I usually have no patience with them.

It hurts your relationships with your family, friends, and your children. If you do nothing, it will especially hurt your relationship with your husband. My husband was always telling me he was worried about me. He never really said what he was worried about but I presume he was worried I’d leave him and the family.

However, with no motivation to do anything and being depressed about everything I wouldn’t have gone anywhere. I wouldn’t have known how to even find the energy.

This is all in your control. Some people may need medical help. However, I think that the majority of women just need to know what to do and then just do it.

Don’t think about what needs to be done. Just take it one step at a time. Each step you take will help you improve so you can take the next step. It can be done.


1) Buy yourself a Gratitude Journal. I will share what I do with these later on in the course. If you don’t want to buy this journal you can also use a spiral notebook of your choice. Just make sure it is yours and it’s specified for this purpose alone. Amazon has a ton for sale! You can find one that is perfect for you!

2) Get a one inch binder for you to keep your workbook pdf’s in. Each lesson you’ll receive something to print out and read to help you with your daily lesson. Keep them all in one place so you can refer back to them.

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